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Hair is my gift!

From the age of 12 years old, Timiko always expressed her love for hair. She did kids and adults around the city here and there from junior high to high school. After graduating high school she decided to take her hairstyling gifts to school to take this craft on as a career. Now with 20 years strong in the cosmetology and beauty industry,Timiko’s desire for total health  and wellness for her clients prompted her to transition into Trichology in the quest to provide “optimal hair care”. She went a step further and became a trichologist through the USTrichology Institute. This specialized training enables her to provide comprehensive consultations and treatments during the early stages of hair thinning and hair loss, as well as treatments for scalp disorders. She is one of the few practitioners in the United States that has obtained this certification.

While working in Cosmetology, Timiko discovered that there was an abundance of hair and scalp issues that went unaddressed due to a lack of knowledge.This revelation brought about a true desire for her to gain more knowledge regarding hair loss conditions and their causes. Trichology provides the foundation and training needed to educate clients about improving their hair health from the inside out.

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Time for a total makeover.  Offering  some of the latest techniques to  keep you looking natural and trendy.  If alopecia and hair loss are the here to schedule a complimentary consultation for  more information.

Mane Medic's Mission


My Mission is to promote social alpoecia awareness through detection,treatment,and prevention for men and women by working with the community to encourage hair wellness , we can reinforce the need of hair health and rebuild self esteem

Trichologist VS. Dermatologist

Trichologist are paramedical (non-physician) hair and scalp specialists trained to incorporate a holistic approach in researching and identifying the root causes of hair and scalp disorders. A comprehensive consultation is rendered, and a detailed evaluation and recommendation will be provided. Dermatologists use a medical approach to treat the symptoms after leaving the cause untreated. Trichologists can recommend, prepare and administer appropriate treatments, if the diagnosis is determined to be beyond the scope of the trichologist, a referral to a medical doctor will be given. 

 Treatments used in Trichology include, but are not limited to: creams, topical ointments, microcirculation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatments for the scalp dietary supplements, nutritional therapy, hair and scalp exfoliation, and low level light therapy.  

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